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He later claimed that he independently conspired to assassinate Hitler, though historians doubt whether he ever meant to execute this plan.

Speer was also involved in the use of prisoners of war in armament industries but contends that he only utilised Soviet prisoners of war in industries covered by the Geneva Convention.

Most days he was invited to dinner. Speer joined the Nazi Party in Speer died in a London hospital on 1 September during a visit to Great Britain. His activities in charge of German Armament Production were in aid of the war effort in the same way that other productive enterprises aid in the waging of war, but the Tribunal is not prepared to find that such activities involve engaging in the common plan to wage aggressive war as charged under Count I or waging aggressive war as charged under Count II.

Speer in just before his death One of the most impressive Albert speer germany of the inner workings of the Third Reich, it strengthened the view of many historians that Speer was a man of integrity and honour in comparison with the criminal leaders who were his associates.

Fixed dates are very helpful when it comes to rebuilding a city. Speer has nothing against big projects.

Albert Speer

Production of German fighter aircraft was more than doubled from to Strategic Bombing Survey interrogated Speer in May At a meeting of the Central Planning Board on 30th October,Speer voiced his opinion that many slave labourers who claimed to be sick were malingerers and stated: Speer was a member of the Reichstag from until the end of the war.

Factories were given autonomy, or as Speer put it, "self-responsibility", and each factory concentrated on a single product. He had been charged with employing forced laborers and concentration camp prisoners in the German armaments industry.

Out of the Ashes: A New Look at Germany's Postwar Reconstruction

Speer himself had no direct administrative responsibility for this programme. A New Approach to Urban Planning The aim is to undo past mistakes made due to urgency and an obsession with modernization.

In November1. Speer died in London in It is said that his willingness to admit his guilt, his condemnation of Hitler and his general contrite demeanour won over five judges.

Nuremberg Trial Judgements: Albert Speer

When he took the stand, he insisted that he had no knowledge of the Holocaust, but the evidence of slave labor in his factories was damning. They believed that his apologies were sincere and that while he deserved a 20 year prison sentence, he most certainly did not deserve the death sentence.

They meet here once a month, and they come armed with stacks of business cards and determined not to miss out on anything at the region's most lucrative construction project: He read continuously, tended a garden and, against prison rules, wrote the notes for what would become bestselling books, including Inside the Third Reich.

Speer quickly proved his worth by his efficient and creative staging of Nazi events. It's difficult to write about an urban planner named Albert Speer without thinking of the other architect with the same name.

Speer knew his best chance to survive was to cooperate and seem indispensable to the Americans, and his cooperation had a strange effect on his interrogators.

To make sure they get enough attention, rulers hire so-called "starchitects," such as Norman Foster, I. He—like many other Nazi Party members and SS officers—concluded that he could expect no mercy once captured.

Unlike them, he did not commit suicide.

German architect Albert Speer, who knew Hitler as ‘a nice uncle,’ dead at 83

He had two half-siblings Else and Walter Bormann from his father's earlier marriage to Louise Grobler, who died in When Speer ordered peacetime building work suspended, the Gauleiters Nazi Party Albert speer germany leaders obtained an exemption for their pet projects.

But, like many other things that are supposed to belong to the past but still linger on, the thought is hard to dispel. This was progressively expanded to include naval armaments, civilian production and finally, on 1st August,air armament. He was educated in architectural studies at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, and later at the Universities of Munich and Berlin.

While Speer had tremendous power, he was of course subordinate to Hitler. His grandfather was an architect, and so was his father, who would become the general building inspector for Berlin and, later, Hitler's minister in charge of armaments and wartime production.

Sixteen million apartments existed before the war. None of his buildings, including the Reich Chancellery or the Zeppelinfeld stadium, are standing today. All I wanted was for this great man to dominate the globe.

They would have looked grotesque if Hitler had sat still in Germany. Over these departments was a central planning committee headed by Speer, which took increasing responsibility for war production, and as time went by, for the German economy itself.Sep 21,  · Albert Speer Jr.

was born in Berlin on July 29,only days before Hitler declared himself Führer, or leader, of Germany. Albert Jr. grew up in Berchtesgaden, Germany, the Alpine village used. Speer, the Minister of Armaments and War Production under Hitler, the man who had kept Germany armed and the war machine running even after Hitler's mystique had faded, takes a brutally honest look at his role in the war effort, giving readers a complete view of the inside of the Nazi state.

Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer (/ ʃ p ɛər /; German: [ˈʃpeːɐ̯] (listen); March 19, – September 1, ) was a German architect who was, for most of World War II, Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production for Nazi Germany. Albert Speer, (born March 19,Mannheim, Baden, Germany—died September 1,London, England), German architect who was Adolf Hitler’s chief architect (–45) and minister for armaments and war production (–45).

Sep 21,  · Albert Speer Jr. was born in Berlin on July 29,only days before Hitler declared himself Führer, or leader, of Germany. Albert Jr. grew up in Berchtesgaden, Germany. One thought on “ Albert Speer Residence & Martin Bormann’s Gutshof in Berchtesgaden Germany ” Barbara Schrader on May 24, at said: Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s I snow skied there in the winter.

Albert speer germany
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