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Many of the rituals necessary to appease the various gods were impractical. The nature and sources of political authority once again were topics of debate. You can never win the allegiance of people by trying to dominate them with goodness; but if you use goodness to nurture them, then you will win the allegiance of the whole world.

As with everything, ancient chinese philosophy essay help should be harmony, and an equal balance between ambition and satisfaction with the status quo.

Chinese philosophy

Lead them with virtue and regulate them by ritual, and they will acquire a sense of shame—and moreover, they will be orderly. After the fall of Han Dynasty Buddhism spread like wild fire in China and under the Buddhist idea influence there was emergence of Confucian school of idealist philosophy during the Ming and Song dynasty in China.

There are many virtues that Confucius finds essential to being a gentleman, the most critical one being benevolence, which he discusses primarily in the first four books.

But the truth is quite a bit more complicated, and more philosophically interesting.

Ancient Chinese Philosophy: How to Live Life

Agriculturalism Agriculturalism was an early agrarian social and political philosophy that advocated peasant utopian communalism and egalitarianism. If you govern selfishly to your people, you kingdom will not only lose a war, but your people will break away from your kingdom.

The text offers an alternative, though: As we will see below, by the time of the Warring States era and the foundational texts of Confucian philosophy, there have been further transformations: Shang Yang and Han Fei promoted absolute adherence to the law, regardless of the circumstances or the person.

Social and Political Thought in Chinese Philosophy

Though they are difficult to follow with all the temptations of modern society, and the vices of modern man, every one of us still strives to be a gentleman on the path of Tao. The way of life that these two ancient philosophers described so centuries ago still holds strong today.

The best communities, as far as the Dao De Jing is concerned, are those that form and flourish naturally, with little guidance from above. The ruler then established the single idea of rightness that all would heed.

At the same time, the ideal man should learn from the people around him and be open to criticism. The Master, as his pupils call him, repeatedly mentions the importance of behaving like a gentleman.

Han emperors establish central educational institutions and initiate the practice of bringing talented scholars into the government via examination albeit at a much smaller scale than in the later Neo-Confucian era.

Lao Tzu explains how Tao should be embraced. Ancient chinese history of kites essay Academic goals study abroad essay. Daoism is about finding "the way", the path to harmony within one self and with nature. It's possible that if the Emperor was a Daoist he would see the coming conflict with the Huns as a natural change in the environment and in that way, respond by bringing in reinforcements for the people, but not for him, because he was simply interested in adjusting to these events naturally, alone, with inner strength.

The virtue of the gentleman is the wind; the virtue of the little people is the grass.

Ancient Chinese Philosophy

The philosopher who argues for this view most forcefully is Huang Zongxi, who lived in the late Ming and early Qing.But the society that Michael Puett, a tall, year-old bespectacled professor of Chinese history at Harvard University, is describing to more than rapt undergraduates is China, 2, years ago.

Confucianism is a system of ideological beliefs and ethical philosophy that is developed from the teachings and thoughts of ancient Chinese teacher Confucius. Confucianism originated during the Spring and Autumn period ( to BC).

Free The Influence of Ancient Chinese Philosophies such as Confucianism, Legalism and Daoism papers, essays, and research papers. Being one of the main schools of thought in Chinese philosophy, Confucianism is thought to have had tremendous influence on the culture and history of China.

Nov 17,  · Free Essays on Ancient Chinese Philosophy. Use our research documents to help you learn 26 - Oct 09,  · In class, we were watching Mulan to learn about Ancient China, and I have an essay question that I need a little help with. The question is: There is a scene in the movie that shows the Emperor of China having a discussion with his closest advisors about how the empire should react to the invasion of the Resolved.

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