Legislations effecting hospitality industry

Abboud also called for restoring confidence in economy and polarize investments, stressing the importance of combating corruption so that Lebanon would not loose an exceptional opportunity. Hajj Hassan, for his part, said the meeting was aimed at studying the project and closing the gaps which prevailed over the old food control system, promising the Lebanese that supervision will be implemented henceforth on all food products.

Given the table, it is self-evident that companies should be aiming for a B-BBEE level 3, as the points differential between a 4 and a 3 is weighted heavily towards a Level 3. Employees, managers and other staff members have to know enough about the law to avoid breaking it because failing to follow state and federal laws can result in fines, lawsuits and negative publicity.

They can only adapt to the changes as necessary and fight the other airlines for the customers that continue to travel by plane. August 19th, The dti, in conjunction with Wits and Unisa, is putting the finishing touches on a training program, which will be compulsory for all BEE verification analysts.

Staff members should understand what constitutes discrimination and should be aware of their legal obligation to respect diverse workers.

Hospitality Legislation And Regulation To Watch 2015

While contributions to the fund were voluntary, companies risked losing empowerment accreditation points if they did not comply. External factors such as the economic situation facing the nation or the world are among the factors that those working within the industry can have no control over.

This initiative comes in response to the growing, desperate call for clarity and consistency in the verification market place. Certain elements have financial targets, and their measurement is based on the contributions or efforts made during a month financial measurement period.

In a similar vein to other sectors, it encourages promotion of investment, changing composition of ownership, control and employment and access to finance and rural development.

Hospitality Legislation And Regulation To Watch In 2016

The phenomenon was replicated across all levels within the utility. He first met with Member of Parliament Robert Fadel over the current political and economic situation in the country.

For instance, a change in the tax laws that raise the price of gas will affect tourism and costs for the hospitality industry as well.

Similarly, discriminating against people on the basis of sex, race, religion, disability status or age can draw unwanted negative attention.


Speaking after the meeting, Minister Khalil stressed the importance of reaching a solution in this regard that satisfies all concerned sides, pointing out the need for medical rates' amendment.

He also voiced his support for Energy and Water Minister Gibran Bassil's plan to lease electricity generation boats. Also, comments that include profanity, lewdness, personal attacks, solicitations or advertising, or other similarly inappropriate or offensive comments or material will be removed from the site.

Importance of Knowledge of Laws in the Hospitality Industry

Harb spoke highly about project laying the infrastructure for an electronic industry, by this, he added that Lebanese youth would not emigrate in quest of work anymore. Essentially spending will be driven by the public sector and the State Owned Enterprises in the foreseeable future.

Testimonies from black suppliers and civil society beneficiaries of Eskom programmes attest that in most instances the applicants simply approached the utility and received a positive response.Data security will continue to worry hotels and retailers inwhile President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration will shake up.

A working knowledge of laws governing the hospitality industry isn't just a nice bonus piece of knowledge. Employees, managers and other staff members have to know enough about the law to avoid. Economy - Opening Industrial Vocations Forum in Khan Franj Wed 2/05/ NNA - 02/05/ - Industry Ministry and the European Union for Development, in association with the Education Ministry, opened on Wednesday the Industrial Vocations Forum, in presence of Industry Minister Vrej Sabounjian and other dignitaries, at Khan Ifranj in Sidon.

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Legislations effecting hospitality industry
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