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The second part of the course compares case studies from across the ancient world to explore archaeological approaches to territory and polity in greater detail. The module presents the writer as both artist and supplier of intellectual property to a market, while examining that and other tensions critically.

Ancient Greek Religion Prose study coursework religion played a crucial role in how the ancient Greeks understood the world around them. One level creative writing workshop. While this shocking victory spurred their respective cultures to new heights, their political aspirations drove them to turn on each other and fight a series of wars over control of Greece--all the while with Persia waiting in the wings.

Study of the Faust legend and how it has been adapted over the centuries.

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Introduction to Byzantine Greek In this course, students learn about Byzantine Greek through initial work on prose selections from different authors, genres, and periods, followed by sustained engagement with a single author.

Students can only select a Semester 2 module. Selections focus on literary and cultural changes including the Jahrhundertwende and the Weimar Republic. Readings in Greek from the Iliad or Odyssey. Students will meet Prose Prose study coursework coursework to review prepared passages, as well as reading at sight.

Over 99 percent of human history predates the written word, and this course examines one of the world's most diverse, yet unifying environments--the Mediterranean Sea--from the earliest populations around its shores to the emergence of the Classical world of the Greeks and Romans.

Recordings and marks are then sent for moderation. Besides translating Greek to English and vice versawe will consider the language and literature in their historical context, and practice reading ancient Greek aloud.

Roman Archaeology and Art The material worlds of the ancient Romans loom large in our cultural imagination. Anglophone Literature Three credits. An examination of social and culture aspects of printed literature and of its relationship to other media.

Is it possible to separate a story from its expression? During the module, you'll explore some of the following questions: Intermediate Latin Continuation of essential forms and grammar. Students who follow the sequence through GER will qualify for study abroad.

Primary readings from Greek and Roman epic, lyric, and drama, as well as ancient historical, philosophical, and medical writers; in addition we will explore a range of secondary work on the topic from the perspectives of Classics and Gender Studies.

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The two radically different Greek states of Athens and Sparta first teamed up to defeat the invading Persian empire. Topics will include manipulation of public opinion and memory, historical reconstruction through text, the relationship between prose history and historical epic, and the literal and metaphorical dissolution of Rome through civil war, as well as stylistic and philosophical concerns specific to each author.

The Bacchanalian Affair In BC stories of wild and debauched secret religious rites being celebrated under cover of night sparked panic in Rome, which led to a brutal state suppression of the cult.

Works will include poetry, drama and short prose. We will study how Rome then swiftly overpowered what had been the most powerful kingdoms in the Mediterranean and established themselves as dominant.

Prerequisite, or consent of instructor.

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Introduction to the German language. No knowledge of German required. Supervised independent study at the advanced level.

For advanced student writers who wish intensive training in a single creative genre fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction. Readings include passages from classical and New Testament authors.

ENGL or or ; open to sophomores or higher; open only with consent of instructor. Choice of texts flexible depending on the needs and interests of those enrolled.

No more than three courses from departments outside of German may be counted.

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Semester- or year-long study abroad in a German-speaking country is strongly encouraged. The presentation can be created in pairs or small groups, but each candidate must present individually.Through the study of Flamenco songs, articles, books, film and documentaries, this course explores the poetic language of the lyrics, the artistic nature of this musical expression and the relationship between Flamenco and Spanish society and culture as well as its origin and destiny.

Prose Nonfiction: Digital Storytelling PACS - Instruction in literary nonfiction including memoir and personal essay, with a focus on developing narratives suitable for digital storytelling.

This course relates topics in ENGL to questions of war, peace, social justice and conflict resolution.

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How to Approach Prose Passages for AP English Literature!.!32! General AP English Literature: A Crash Course Study Guide. These posts are a compilation from our site, where we provide hundreds of practice questions and review to know for a variety of AP exams, including AP.

Prose Study Coursework - Through Close Language Analysis, examine how chapters thirteen and fourteen predict character development and foreshadow events in the novel Treasure Island In chapters 13 and 14 of the novel Treasure Island, through use of different literary techniques such as animal imagery, similes, metaphors, assonance and many more.

Study Guide for Pope’s Poems and Prose Pope's Poems and Prose study guide contains a biography of Alexander Pope, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a.

GCSE English - Prose Study - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. My prose study for GCSE English, written in October The /5(10).

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