Rgc-fulbright hong kong dissertation research programme

I also got the chance to experience an interflow tour with lovely students and teachers to the Mainland, Korea and elsewhere. Unfortunately, I was informed that my degree program will no longer continue in that university due to some organisational problems. Please send to us at address below, and we will add a biography section to your page.

We just simply have a wonderful time together. This study period will always be in my mind as one of my most precious moments. Here I learned from outstanding professors and obtained travel grants to attend academic conferences worldwide.

PLoSOne, 11 11 In our college, we have three communal dinners per week and it is a great opportunity to meet new friends, thus expanding your social circle. There is a lot to be learned from this part of the world, especially for those with research interests in the region or, as in my case, postcolonial cities.

HKPF has encouraged and prompted me to pursue academic excellence. I gained invaluable critical thinking skills and strengthened my transferable skill sets including experimental techniques, cementing the basic foundation for research study.

HKU is a great place for people to grow and improve themselves. I hoped to be a professional accountant after graduation and could get diversified exposures in accounting field.

They treat students as friends, and will help clear your vision when you feel confused and perplexed. The greatest wealth that Open University gives me is not only endless knowledge, but she also leads me to integrate into the Hong Kong society.

Forty-eight Research Projects Receive Grants

Besides, I met a lot of friends who gave me support when I was in trouble and learnt how to cooperate with each other. I enjoy being part of the strong research community, learning from experienced researchers and fellow research students from different fields and backgrounds. He is very experienced in chamber music and stage performance, and I have learned a lot from this.

HKU has a site license for EndNote. In the past semester, I have had a lot of opportunities to perform, and cooperate with many artists, we have exchanged our points of view, which made the artistic outcome more sensational and diverse.

Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Award Programme 2018-19

Having spent four years now, I am very proud of my choice back in day one. Their impact on me would be useful in my lifetime. By knowing more about the cultures of different countries, I recognize how my personal identify is shaped by the culture of my country and I feel proud to be a Malaysian.

I would not hesitate to recommend you all to join the HKU family!

Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) - Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)

When we reached another stage, however, the album came to an end. Applicants must be full-time academic staff of UGC-funded institutions and residents of Hong Kong at the time of application.

Various programmes offer me opportunities to explore this colourful city and even to travel worldwide. Angefugt ist inaugural dissertation, Through my studies, I have expanded my knowledge as well as proficiencies required to become competitive and truly functional outside of the educational environment.

Lots of my friends ask me what makes Hong Kong attractive to me.

Seven Research Projects Receive Grants

I realized that our influence may be so little as individuals, but we can enlarge this influence when more and more people rise up and do something together, so that the elders would receive care and love.

This is a great bonding agent between us. Graduate courses and academic presentations developed skills which helped me to win the national science communication competition Famelab and perform in the annual Science Alive festival. The experience would not have been possible without the support I gained from the teachers, staff and sponsors from HKU.

Their creative mind and exploring spirit motivated me to think in wider ways and in broader prospective.The award recipients include six students for the Li Ka Shing Prize, 10 students for the Awards for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student, 40 students for the University Postgraduate Fellowships.

Dr Janet Yuen-Ha Wong, RN, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing of the University of Hong Kong.

Research Faculty

She received her PhD at the University of Hong Kong. During her PhD study, she had been awarded Fulbright visiting scholarship (–) affiliated with University of Virginia in the United States. Fulbright - RGC Hong Kong Senior Research Scholar / Research Scholar Award Programmes - List of Fulbright Scholars (Hong Kong) for / Fulbright - RGC Hong Kong Senior Research Scholar Award Programme (Senior Programme).

RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Scholar Programme - List of Fulbright Scholars (Hong Kong) for / RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Senior Scholar Programme (Senior Programme) RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Dissertation Research Programme (Junior Programme) No.

Seven Research Projects Receive Grants. 0 Comments» Development of a Realtime Monitoring System for Hong Kong Offshore Dynamic Characteristics Based on Satellite Remote Sensing (HK$,) Sponsor: Innovation and Technology Fund Principal investigator: Prof.

Pan Jia-yi, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) /12 Awardee RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Dissertation Research Programme (Junior Programme) /13 Scholar 8th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Prize Awardee (August ).

Rgc-fulbright hong kong dissertation research programme
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