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Brittain and Roland Leighton had met for a total of only 17 days, and circumstances meant that much of their relationship had to be conducted by letter.

Shirley Williams: testament to my extraordinary mother Vera Brittain

Brittain was a good student, though seldom a prizewinner, at Uppingham and also served in the Officers' Training Corps. There were further blows to be suffered.

To My Brother

A controversial novel of life and sexism encountered in Oxford, it was greeted with protest at Oxford University, where it was feared that the book would bring bad publicity. According to Mark Bostridge, this meant that their fledgling romance was necessarily heightened: Did Williams feel, at times, as if she were surrounded by living ghosts?

Virginia Woolf noted in her diaries that she felt compelled to stay up all night to finish the memoir. Eighty years on, it remains one of the most moving books ever written about the damage of war and its continuing personal cost. They were always there as a kind of stage set and the stage set would never change.

Later that year, Brittain also joined the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship.

Testament of Youth: Vera Brittain's classic, 80 years on

There was almost nothing else available that conveyed the personal devastation of the first world war from a young woman's point of view with such candour. A further collection of papers, amassed during the writing of the authorised biography of Brittain, was donated to Somerville College LibraryOxford, by Paul Berry and Mark Bostridge.

He was subsequently awarded the Military Cross for his service on the Somme. Brittain's diaries from —17 were published in as Chronicle of Youth. Her fiance, Roland Leighton, had been killed on the western front the previous Christmas.

InBrittain married George Catlina political scientist — In Testament of Youth she writes that, in the weeks after his death, a series of disconnected pictures rolled through her mind: Holtby died in She was physically exhausted, stricken with grief and in a near-constant state of heightened nervous apprehension.

In this regard, her novel Honourable Estate was autobiographical, dealing with Brittain's failed friendship with the novelist Phyllis Bentleyher romantic feelings for her American publisher George Brett Jr, and her brother Edward's death in action on the Italian Front in Hudson was told not to warn Brittain, but he warned him obliquely anyway.

It would later become Testament of Youth, one of the most famous memoirs of the 20th century, and this year marks the 80th anniversary of its publication.Your battle-wounds are scars upon my heart, Received when in that grand and tragic 'show' You played your part, Two years ago, And silver in the summer morning sun.

Prose & Poetry - Vera Brittain. Vera Brittain, feminist, poet and novelist, was born in Newcastle under Lyme on 29 Decemberand was raised in Macclesfield and Buxton.

Vera Brittain

Sponsored Links Brittain also lost her brother Edward in and two close friends during the war. Losing her first love haunted my mother all her life: Vera Brittain's fiancé, brother and friends were all killed at war, her daughter tells how the tragedy hit their whole family.

To My Brother (In Memory Of July 1st, ) by Vera battlewounds are scars upon my heart Received when in that grand and tragic show You played your part Two years ago And silver in 5/5. In the poem "To my Brother" By Vera Brittain the first verse states that while her brother was fighting in the war, every time he got hurt physically it would internally hurt her.

In the second verse we think when she means the cross is a symbol of courage resembled. To My Brother by Vera Brittain (In memory of July 1st, ) Your battle-wounds are scars upon my heart, Received when in that grand and tragic “show” You played your part Two years ago, And silver in the summer morning sun I see the symbol of your courage glow— That Cross you won Two years ago.

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To my brother vera brittain
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